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The ACRISS Car Classification Code is a code used by many car rental companies, for classifying vehicles. ACRISS stands for Association of Car Rental Industry Systems and Standards.
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This element is based on the work of the Automotive Ontology Working Group, see for details. Many class and property definitions are inspired by or based on abstracts from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Example 1
<!-- rental car with acriss code -->
<h2>Rent Car Company</h2>
<img href=""/>
<h3>Exemplary Car Model Name | <strong>SCAR</strong> </h3>
<p>Rental price per day: EUR 20</p>
<p>Equipment, seats and luggage</p>
  <li>Air conditioning available
  <li>4 Doors</li>
  <li>5 Passengers</li>
  <li>2 Suitcase(s)</li>
  <li>2 Bag(s)</li>
  <li>Automatic transmission</li>
<!-- Only JSON-LD example is available. -->
<!-- Only JSON-LD example is available. -->
<script type="application/ld+json">
   "name":"Exemplary Car Model Name",
   "seatingCapacity": "5",
   "numberOfDoors": "4",
   "vehicleTransmission": "automatic gearbox",
        "name":"air conditioning"
     "offeredBy": {
        "@type": "AutoRental",
        "name":"Rent Car Company",
        "image": ""
      "priceSpecification": {
        "@type": "UnitPriceSpecification",
        "price": "20",
        "priceCurrency": "EUR",
        "referenceQuantity": {
          "@type": "QuantitativeValue",
          "value": "1",
          "unitCode": "DAY"

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