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The speed range of the vehicle. If the vehicle is powered by an engine, the upper limit of the speed range (indicated by maxValue should be the maximum speed achievable under regular conditions.

Typical unit code(s): KMH for km/h, HM for mile per hour (0.447 04 m/s), KNT for knot

*Note 1: Use minValue and maxValue to indicate the range. Typically, the minimal value is zero. * Note 2: There are many different ways of measuring the speed range. You can link to information about how the given value has been determined using the valueReference property.

Usage: Between 10 and 100 domains
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This element is based on the work of the Automotive Ontology Working Group, see for details. Many class and property definitions are inspired by or based on abstracts from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Example 1
<!-- new car, hybrid car -->
<h3>Exemplary Hybrid Car Model Name, 2017</h3>
<p>Release date 2016</p>
<p>VIN: 1HTLCZWN0JH503089</p>
<p>White, hatchback, limited edition</p>
<p>leather, beige interior</p>
<p>4 doors, 6 airbags</p>
<p>5 passengers</p>
  <li>Steering position: left side steering</li>
  <li><strong>ENGINE Type:</strong>  1580cc</li>
  <li><strong>Horsepower:</strong>  104 hp @ 5,700 rpm</li>
  <li><strong>Torque:</strong>  109 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm</li>
  <li><strong>Fuel tank capacity:</strong> 11.9 gallons</li>
  <li><strong>Electric Motor Type:</strong>  AC Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motor</li>
  <li><strong>Horsepower:</strong>  43 hp</li>
  <li><strong>Torque:</strong>  125 lb.-ft.</li>
  <li><strong>Battery Capacity:</strong>  6.5 Ah</li>
  <li><strong>Battery Energy:</strong>  1.56 kWh</li>
  <li><strong>CO2 emissions:</strong> 88g/km</li>
  <li><strong>Wheel configuration:</strong> RWD</li>
  <li><strong>Number of axles:</strong> 2</li>
  <li><strong>Transmission Type:</strong> 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission (DCT)</li>
  <li><strong>Wheelbase:</strong> 106.3 in.</li>
  <li><strong>Luggage capacity, rear seats upright:</strong> 19.4 cu. ft.</li>
  <li><strong>Weight:</strong> 1425 kg</li>
  <li><strong>Acceleration 0..100 km/h:</strong> 11.5 s</li>
  <li><strong>Top speed:</strong> 210 km/h</li>
  <li><strong>Fuel consumption:</strong> 3.5l/100km</li>
<!-- Only JSON-LD example is available. -->
<!-- Only JSON-LD example is available. -->
<script type="application/ld+json">
  "name":"Exemplary Hybrid Car Model Name",
  "manufacturer":"Exemplary Car Manufacturer",
  "vehicleConfiguration":"limited edition",
  "vehicleInteriorColor":"beige interior",
  "numberOfAirbags" : "6",
  "numberOfDoors": "5",
  "seatingCapacity": "5",
  "vehicleTransmission": "automatic gearbox",
  "numberOfForwardGears" : "6",
     "engineType":"internal combustion engine",
     "engineType":"electric motor",
       "unitText":"0..100 km/h"
        "description":"Battery Energy 1.56 kWh"}
  "emissionsCO2": "88"

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